Make smarter business decisions with Star Tribune research.

Star Tribune can give you a better understanding of your customers, your prospects and your market environment increasing business success. Our in-depth research services help identify new opportunities and target audiences, determine untapped trade areas, fine-tune your messages, and much more. Use this valuable data to power strategic, fact-based actions to build your business.


Do your offers resonate with consumers? Which products or services are most relevant for driving sales? How are competitors reaching the market? Need help targeting new audiences? Our surveys, analysis tools and prospecting support bring more focus to business efforts.

  • Awareness benchmarking and ad recall testing
  • Consumer behavior surveys
  • Custom surveys (including product testing)
  • Competitive media spend analysis
  • Prospect lists


Where should you put your next location? Who are your most profitable customers and prospects? Are you missing key opportunities in nearby areas? These tools deliver the answers you need.

  • Consumer segmentation analysis
  • Market potential (areas of growth)
  • Sales territory alignment
  • Site selection (including multi-store locations)
  • Market analysis
    • Demographic
    • Retail trade potential
    • Consumer behavior
    • Trade area definition