Targeted Banner Ads

We leverage sophisticated technology to deliver highly targeted banner ads to a precise group of consumers as they engage with digital content. Our capabilities allow us to reach nearly anyone online, anywhere.

  • Precisely targeted audiences
  • Cross-platform delivery
  • Focus on results and conversions

Enterprise Level Tools

Built with enterprise-level tag management, ad serving and programmatic bidding software, our campaigns are directed and facilitated by our in-house team of paid media experts. We target campaigns using the largest pool of premium first-party data in the Upper Midwest and supplement when needed with robust third-party data through our management platform.

Performance That Delivers

Our campaigns are optimized to deliver on custom KPIs; we expect our targeted campaigns to outperform benchmarks, and take pride in delivering the highest performance possible.

  • Paid media expertise
  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Meaningful KPI delivery

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