53% Star Tribune and (Past week print or online)

42% Star Tribune (Past week print)

33% (Past 30 days)

Note: Readership includes eEdition

Attitudes & Behaviors

They’re educated:

  • 86% of white-collar professionals have some college education, a college degree or advanced education Minneapolis/St. Paul ranks 2nd in percentage of professional women out of the top 20 markets (CBSA markets)

They surf and shop the internet:

  • 68% of white-collar adults spent $100-$2,500 on Internet purchases in the past 12 months

They’re mobile and plugged in:

  • White-collar adults are 17% more likely than the average metro adult to have a smartphone and 19% more likely to have a tablet


Source: Scarborough Research Corporation 2016 Mpls./St. Paul CBSA

Reach this target with these platforms.

We run ads in 50-100 papers across the country. Star Tribune is always in the top five and has been our No. 1 performer for the last six weeks. We track our ads with codes, so I know we’re generating a 2-3x ROI with Star Tribune ads. Our State Fair ad was over-the-top, the best response we’ve ever had for an ad. Our booth was mobbed, and we had an increase of 25-33% in sales – directly attributable to our State Fair ad.

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